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Alpha Challenge - Last two letters!!!

Gio4Hi everyone,
Well, here we are... last two letters for our Alpha/Dictionary challenge!
Congratulations to those of you who managed each and very letter this year!
As I will be on holiday soon, I am posting both letters today. And I will leave the challenge open until December 31st so it gives you plenty of time to enter. Last winner will be announced in January.

And then, it will be onto a brand new challenge starting January 12th. If you liked the Dictionary challenge, you will love the new challenge I'm sure!! Can't wait to share this with you.

ok, so the last two letters are... not hard to guess if you have been following us..

Letters X and I

Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Please share a picture of your finished dictionary (or other completed project) if you can as Karen did today.

Letter X

No X in the Italian alphabet, so Gio chose X-Factor



Karen chose Xigua



Letter I

Karen chose Iyokan


Gio chose impossible


And this is Karen's finished dictionary

karen3   Karen4

Have fun!!

23 thoughts on “Alpha Challenge - Last two letters!!!”

  • Helen Lindfield

    I was looking for this earlier today as I knew we should be given a new letter, but couldn't find it... will get my thinking cap on for these two last letters. In advance, thanks to the Craft Barn team, this has been a year of great fun!

  • MaggieH

    I have only 3 words to choose in X and I am looking forward to these 2 last letters and to finishing my book, this has been a great challenge sometimes in more ways than one!

    Lovely pages ladies and Karen's finished book looks fabulous.


  • Linda Sørensen

    Can't wait to finish my book. I've really enjoyed working with the letters. Nothing like a good challenge to keep me working. I've done them all but been to late to upload some of them.

  • butterfliecrafter

    Fantastic finished book. Great challenge. Do we already get a sneak preview of next year's challenge??

  • Eleni Gratsia

    I'm so happy that you have posted the two letters today, because I leave on the 24th and return after the New Years ... it would have been silly to miss the last entry for the last letter! LOL My X is easy, there are only about 10 words on my page but one is Xmas!!! I will have to give a good look and what 'I' will inspire me to make! :)

    It has been an amazing year with this challenge, and can't wait to learn what the new challenge it!!!

  • Frea

    Well, I managed all letters so far, and I think you will be getting a lot of same words on the x letter LOL! My book is long from finished since I worked straight into a very thick old dictionary, and trust me, there are lots of pages left. I will however decorate the outside of my dictionary and share that. Thanks for a lovely challenge this year. Hugs Frea

  • daisy

    Thank you for such a fabulous challenge. I've enjoyed making my letter tags & it's been a delight seeing all the different ideas throughout the year.

    Seasonal Greetings to you all xx

  • Irene

    Many many thanks for such a fantastic challenge; I have enjoyed it SO much and now have an amazing little book that i'm chuffed to bits with! A Very Happy Christmas to you all,and,i'm really looking forward to the next challenge xxx

  • Annie

    I loved this challenge! Although I did not enter into your contests for the pages, I did complete every letter on time right along with so many others. Lots of inspiration! I look forward to finding out what kind of challenge is in mind for 2014. Although your new blogsite is not as quick and easy to use as your previous, I will continue to check in when possible for the great inspiration I find here!

  • chrissiesz

    I have really enjoyed this challenge ans my dictionary book will be something I turn to often to see how I have progressed since the challenge first started

    Thank you

    Love Chrissie x

  • Patricia

    Just wanted to say Thank You and Congratulations to the team and the participants for this challenge. It has kept me absorbed and focused all year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Patricia

    Thank you and Congratulations to the team and all the participants. This has kept me absorbed, focused and entertained all year. Best Wishes for a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

  • Lesley

    Thank you for a great challenge, I have enjoyed it all year long and am amazed that I have kept up the whole time! Looking forward to see what the new challenge will be! Happy Christmas to everyone! xx

  • Mooffie

    X done! I to come... This has been a really fun challenge. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us for 2014!

  • MaggieH

    My last page has been posted for this wonderful challenge thank you to everyone involved at The Craft Barn for bringing a totally Inspiring challenge and for the comments left along the way. I still have my cover to make and then I will have a lovely altered book to treasure.
    I am looking forward to the new challenge in January even though I have no idea what it will be!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone

  • Scrapmate

    A great challenge, thank you to all the organisers. Happy New Year to everyone.

  • coco

    That was really a great challenge even if I stopped it by lack of time... Sorry! Wishing a very Happy New Year to everyone !!!! Hugs, coco xx

  • Kiwi in Timbertown
    Kiwi in Timbertown December 31, 2013 at 10:17 am

    What a wonderful year this has been and have really enjoyed completing my dictionary. It has been very inspiring, I have loved seeing the work and talent of others from around the world. I was able to keep up and learn some new skills. This is the first challenge I have ever done. Thank you sister and I must have driven her crazy when first loading finished work onto the computer. lol. Look forward to seeing you next year. Almost there. Cheers everyone to a great New Year

  • Cazzy

    How could I be late, I knew it was the 31st, just realised tonight that I had missed it, rats! Got one page done a couple of days ago toop.

    I have really enjoyed this challenge, Happy New Year to you all.

    Carol x

  • twinkletoes2day

    I would like to echo Dawn(aka Pesky Little Sister)'s thanks to Izzy, Karen and Gio (as well as the rest of the design team) for keeping us challenged, inspired & motivated over the past year. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the next challenge also.
    What is it?!
    :o) Mo x

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