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Lavinia Week - Dawn Heald


Lav - DSo, here we are with our second Lavinia project of the week and today it is Dawn's turn.  I think you will agree, Dawn has created a beautiful canvas using Lavinia stamps, Crackle paste, Dreamweaver paste and more!  Lets see how she made it.......      






Lav - D












Dawn says - "Lavinia stamps really do versatile designs, from single stunning images and making scenes with them.  I like it that you can create a picture that tells a tale.  I love cats, having four myself , so the Witches cat is the perfect choice for me. Here I've created a sunset scene.  The black cat has gone out after his supper.  Whilst prowling around he comes across the Butterfly tree, which protects the Fairy community.  A hint is the mushrooms and foliage growing around the area.  The butterflies capture the attention of the cat.  He is enthralled with them and doesn't investigate any further.  So the Fairies are protected and the cat is amused, before strolling back home to his comfy corner". To make this project -

1.  Use a canvas board, great for stamping on as there's no instability in the middle like box canvases.

2.  Paint the canvas board with white gesso.

3.  Use the Media Crackle paste and spread a thick layer all over the canvas board.  Make the layer as even as possible.  Top Tip - when the board is completely covered and you want to smooth it out a bit, dampen your palette knife, it creates slick and reduces the dragging caused by the paste starting to dry.  When happy leave to dry.



4.  When dry it will have a lovely crackle all over it.  Take the Media sprays and spray in sections with a 'sweeping across' action of your arm.  Start at the bottom with green, then yellow, shimmer yellow, orange, red and magenta.  These last two colours, concentrate each in a different top corner, then with yellow spray random short sprays a couple of times.

IMAG1814_1 (2)


5.  When dry, paint a coat of satin varnish all over.  (I'm loving this medium and it dries quickly).  Leave to dry.

IMAG1816_1_1 (2)

6.  Next take your stencil and place it where wanted and secure with masking tape.  Use the Dreamweaver black embossing paste and spread through the Butterfly tree stencil.  The surface is likely to be uneven so take a good amount of paste out of the pot and try and spread over the stencil in one or two passes.  Don't worry about it being even or making sure the paste is only through the stencil.  It's best if when done, the whole stencil is covered otherwise it will seep out underneath the stencil.  Mine did a little but it still looked fine!

IMAG1817_1 (2)


7.  When dry, use the Fresco green paints to add some shadow around tree base and blend out with some Media green spray and a paint brush.  Dry and give it a coat of the satin varnish.

IMAG1836 (2)

8.  On spare card, stamp the cat with black ink and cut out.  Then cover with black ink and black embossing powder and melt with heat tool.  Repeat a second time.  Then do again but use clear Utee.  Have a pair of tweezers to help.

IMAG1845_1 (2)


9.  Next choose your stamps and think how you want to place everything.  Then go ahead and start stamping with Jet Black Stazon ink.  The crackle paste surface takes ink really well (and I did try a few different inks, which I could wipe off) and was surprised how easy it was.  Stamp the top leafy vines with acrylic block to start with, then take stamp off block and use just parts of stamp to fill in.  This is a great and easy stamp to do this with.  The tree stamp I used upside down to make grass along the bottom edge.  Run the black Stazon ink pad around the edge of canvas board.

IMAG1831_1 (2)

10.  Finish by gluing your black glossy cat in position under the Butterfly tree.

IMAG1849 (2)

 What Dawn used -

Lavinia stamps - Witches Cat, Foliage, Vine, Small Slender Mushrooms, Wishing Tree

Sweet Poppy Stencil - Butterfly Tree

DecoArt Media Misters - Yellow Green, Yellow, Shimmer Yellow, Red, Orange, Primary Magenta

DecoArt Mixed Media Satin Varnish

Dreamweaver Embossing Paste - Black

Winsor and Newton Canvas Board - 178mm x 127mm

White Gesso

Stazon Ink - Jet Black

Versamagic Ink - Black

Embossing Powder - Black

Cosmic Shimmer - Clear Utee

Cosmic Shimmer - Dries Clear Glue

Well, what do you think?

See you tomorrow with a project from Neil,

Jane x

One thought on “Lavinia Week - Dawn Heald”

  • Craftyfield

    Fantastic piece! Love the overstamped crackle, the colours and the UTEE cat as well as the story you've imagined.

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